The good and the bad in dental implants
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When speaking to patients I usually do not go deep into technical details and scientific background of the many reasons for implant failure and peri-implantitis and how to prevent it from a surgical/dental point of view.

International publications still speak of 20% of patients affected by peri-implantitis and 10% of all implants affected by peri-implantitis. There are not many publications with lower prevalence of peri-implantitis but a lot with higher rates. Peri-implantitis is a rather severe diagnosis in that a lot of these implants will fail eventually. The medical defence union calls this a “time bomb in dentistry”.

I started implant training thirty years ago at the Dental Hospital of Zurich University, Switzerland and later placed implants of several large manufacturers (Astra, 3i, Nobel Biocare, Camlog, Straumann and others). You may be aware that I keep my implantology practice to the surgical part and have, for the last twenty years in Oxford, worked together with about thirty dentists in very close collaboration. By training I am also a Dental Technician. However, one can not be very good at everything. Thinking that I am a rather good implant surgeon I have left the prosthetic side completely.

As a Maxillofacial Surgeon, I offer the full range of grafting procedures. For example, I have done more than 250 sinus lifts (lateral window technique) - not one has failed and one implant has failed - not because of the sinus lift but because of peri-implantitis.

Unsurprisingly, dentists outside of Oxford have now taken on “travelling implantologists” and there are, of course, advantages for dentist, patient and the implantology colleague in this. However, unfortunately I am seeing more and more failing implants.

Our published, peer reviewed overall success rate in Oxford during a 20 year period with over 800 implants is higher than 99%.

I have over the past 20 years intentionally kept my practice to the surgical part of implant surgery, therefore there might be ample room for collaboration with you.

You are invited to join me for a more detailed talk on the pitfalls in implantology and why some implants may fail.

Peri-implantitis is of course a hot topic.

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Peter F. Carls,

Consultant Oral Surgeon, Oxford, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Zurich University Dental Hospital

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